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Monday, August 02, 2010

What's in a (Key) Phrase?

Everyone knows that being on top for a keyword is big! But the likelihood of getting top rankings for just one single word is slim. People just don't search for online 1 word, usually it's a word with a qualifier like, "diamond ring." Some people qualify further, "gold diamond ring." And others are just really sure about what they want, "white gold 1ct diamond ring."

Now you might think that "diamond ring" would be a great term for top placement - and that's true. But what you might not know is that phrases of between 3 to 5 words are the best for optimal placement and conversions.

Ad Network Chitika sampled over 41 million impressions of search traffic over 6 days and found that 26% of search traffic came from 3-word phrases (ie "gold diamond ring") while phrases with only 2 words (ie "diamond ring") accounted for only 19% of the traffic. Only 14% of searchers used one word to do a search.

What does this mean to you? Well if a searcher is refining what they want to see by using 4 or 5 words, they are more interested in buying what you have to offer. They are really focused in on specifics. These are your most qualified leads and are most likely to convert into sales.

So when you go to optimize your website, look at the phrases people use to find you - not just one term.

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