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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to Work!

Well let's get the most important fact out of the way; today is my birthday! Teajai has ordered me to take tomorrow (Friday, April 1st) off. I half expect to get a phone call tomorrow morning from Teajai saying "Hey I really need you to come in after all." Then 10 minutes later her calling back LOLing and yelling "APRIL FOOLS! SUCKER!".

I'll let you guys know how that turns out.

On to other less important stuff. We're busy! There's tons of work being done, and to be done. It seems to me like a lot of companies are doing some Spring cleaning and getting their websites updated (or revamped). It's a lot of fun, we're cranking out some really creative & effective stuff.
We've got a new sales woman. Cari has been working with Teajai for the past couple weeks getting ready to start hitting the proverbial pavement and finding out who else needs our services and just don't know it yet.

We are consolidating our domains & will be able to more effectively administrate our hosted sites. I'm really excited for this, means a lot less logging in and out of servers & more time getting what I need to get done, done. On that note I want to encourage any web developers out there who host their clients to check their disk space usage! We had a client who was using 20 gigabytes (yeah, twenty thousand four-hundred eighty megabytes) of space on ONE EMAIL ACCOUNT. It was ridiculous!

Teajai keeps prodding me to post more updates, and after posting this blog I realized I actually kind of enjoy it.. I may have to start doing it more often. Until then I have to wrap up some other work before I leave for the week. Take care guys!

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