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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Impressions

The internet is really great at positioning your products / services. So much so that when a visitor arrives at your site you can be sure they are already interested in your product or service.

New visitors to your website come from many sources: search engines, paid search ads, comparison sites (comparing your offerings against other companies), and social media referrals. Each one of these visitors is ready to make a buying decision. All you need to do is remove any fears, doubts, roadblocks, or anxiety that comes with deciding to buy from your company.

Possible questions new visitors have:
  • If there is a problem with my order, how will you solve the problem?
  • Is this the best price for the product / service I will be receiving
  • Is what I am reading / seeing really trustworthy? Do the photos accurately represent products? Are the services actually as listed?
  • How do I know that this is the best company to work with?
In addition, here are a few of the most common roadblocks which prevent people from doing business with you:
  • Asking for too much information on contact forms
  • Too many "clicks" to get to the information they are looking for.
  • Poor navigation structure.
By the way, all of the above is applicable to every website whether it's or to a local law firm website.

It's easy to gain leads and make sales via the internet, just show your visitors what they want with a good first impression that will make visitors return over and over again. Need help? Contact me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Difference Between Traditional Branding & Search Engine Branding

What's the difference between these two statements:
  • Pre-owned cars
  • Used Cars
They both say the same thing but the difference is that one of these statements will generate more traffic on the search engines, the other is the car dealer's way of glamourizing the fact that the car is used. (In case you're not sure, used cars is the statement most used in search engines)

For television, radio and direct mail purposes the glamourized "pre-owned" phrase is fine but if you want to gain top rankings and higher traffic from search engines it's important to start with asking "what are people looking for?"

In traditional branding, if you repeat a phrase often enough, people will remember it and sooner or later the phrase will be associated with the brand.

A local example is a commercial for a car dealer that constantly says, "We're out to be number 1 in the USA . . . you can't do better than that." Really it says nothing about the company's value proposition or why you should do business with them but the constant repetition on the radio is bound to imbed the message with the brand.

Search engine branding on the other hand really focuses on what people are looking for in the terminology most commonly used. Using the word "cheap" if it applies to your offer is more than acceptable because people look for "cheap" when searching for bargains but a "red hot" bargain is not going to hit the mark.

The K. I. S. S. adage holds true if you want to generate more qualified traffic to your website. Avoid the hype and write copy in terms that people use on a regular basis. You'll see the results in your web traffic, conversions and sales.

Need help with this topic? Contact me!

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