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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Google Plus Local

Google Plus may not have many (in comparison to Facebook) users, but it's importance to business is increasing with the migration of Google Places in to the ever expanding G+ world. This move is driving more traffic to the ghost town of a social media site and creating a need for your business to join up with G+ as the new Google+ Local pages will be indexed by Google search.

As of today, if your business already has a G+ page it will remain separate from the G+ Local page for a little while, as word on the street is that Google is going to match up and merge the 2 in the near future. Until then, you might want to go update your new Google+ Local Page with your website and verify you are the owner and the location is correct so that the match up works for you.

Here's a link to setting up your Google Plus Local Page:
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