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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you passionate?

Today on HLN I saw a poll about how many people were doing their dream job. Surprisingly many people were not doing what they considered to be their dream job. Personally I think that the poll results, which indicated which dream job people would most like to have, were a bit unrealistic. Not everyone is cut out to be an actor (29%), President of the US (13%), a rock star (13%) . . . But I have met people that I think are truly passionate about what they do. And it shows in their level of success.

The same holds true of websites. Websites that are developed and maintained by or with the person who is most passionate about the website topics are, oddly, the highest ranking on the search engines and are successful. Why is that?

It could be that the natural descriptions by the business owner who loves what they do generates the right key phrases to capture the correct searchers. It could be that the level of passion causes the business owner to constantly stay on top of what they are advertising on their websites and therefore make changes to the site on a regular basis causing the search engines to revisit the site regularly.

It could also be that passionate people are able to draw a following because others can sense that level of passion in them generating more links to the website which, in turn, increases page rank.

Whatever the reason may be, it's a sure thing that if you really love what you are doing, your website will show it and the people who visit your website will know it.

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