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Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick SEO Tips

Many thanks to Alyice Edrich for putting my tips on her blog. She's a freelance writer and asked for suggestions. So, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I'm going to repost the tips here:

  • "Don't brag about your company on the first page. By doing so you loose the natural language that would feed the search engines more effectively (relevancy) and encourage further conversions."

  • "Remember that SEO is never "complete" because technology, language, adoption of products / services all play a part in making high rankings a moving target."

  • "Use the title and description tags correctly. Do not use them as a place to dump a bunch of keywords. By aptly naming each page and putting in a valid description the natural voice will help you achieve better rankings and make search engines happy because they use these two tags."

  • "If you have flash as your first page, dump it. When you have that on the page it is not only difficult for search engines to translate to something with meaning, it's also like barring the department store doors on the day of the big sale.

Reprint by permission only. © Alyice Edrich on Thursday, February 12,

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