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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Quick Blog About . . . well. . . Blogging!

Blogging doesn't have to be a mind bender.
If you still haven't started blogging (or you have a blog and fail to use it) then this post is for you!

The main reason people (business owners) don't blog is that they don't understand why it's a necessary part of any business website and, quite often, they don't even know how to begin.

Well despite the great value a blog adds to a site in terms of keyword rich content, blogs also reveal the personality of the owner and the culture of the company making it easy for people to want to do business with you. Using an out-of-the-box blogging program like blogger makes it easy for the "blogosphere" to pick up your content and leads to more site traffic. 
In addition, blogs are great for promoting your business via social media. 

Like everything in life, blogging starts with a first post. Some people get real hung up on creating long, thoughtful, informative posts. Don't. Blog posts don't need to be anything more than a paragraph or two on something that is meaningful to you! Here are a few ideas:

  • Have an idea? Put it out there and see what your readers think.
  • See something interesting on your way to the office? Write about it. . .
  • Did something funny happen? Tell the story. . .
  • Going on a business trip or vacation? Tell the audience . . .
The point is, your blog doesn't have to be always about your business. Be transparent by making it about your whole business & your life. Tell people when the company makes a mistake - and how you've learned from it. Share the comments you've received from customers (good & bad) and talk about how the company is addressing them. Talk about the outcomes of your latest business meetings, the experience of your flight in to a strange city on a small airline.  

And include photos! These are more important than ever when you are linking your blog to Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

If you want to get a better idea of how to blog - read blogs. Just get on Google and search the blog content for topics in which you are interested. Add comments when you are inspired by something you read, and feel free to adapt your style to blogs that you find interesting.
Remember, don't use hype or try to sell something. The point is, your blog doesn't have to be a dissertation - have fun with it! Just be yourself.

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  1. ...informative and timely. Thanks for sharing!

    Lucretia Coleman, BSBA, HC
    Artist & Founder
    Jameri Artistry


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