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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

En "Title" ment

Everyone has heard about the "title" tag that is so important to search engine optimization (SEO) - it appears in the very top of your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox) in the blue area. It gives a quick glimpse of what is on the page for search engine users & the search engines themselves and each title tag should be different for every page of the website (they don't all have the same content-do they?)

But have you ever thought beyond the initial page title tag? Titles appear in more than one place on every web page in several different ways. Usually they are called "heading" tags and have a larger font or even a different color.

  • A title is usually the introductory statement in each page: it's written to grab the visitor's attention. It should reflect your unique selling proposition.

  • Sub headings on the page are also titles and are written to bring the website visitor to the next step in the path to doing business with you.

  • Side columns on a page also start with a title - whether it's "how to contact us" or a list of services available.
The important thing to remember about titles is that they serve the purpose of moving visitors on your web page forward in the decision making process.

Take a look at the titles on your website - do they lack the attention grabber? Do they brag about your company or about what solution your company offers? Do they "yell" at the visitor or invite them to look at more information?

Think about what you want your visitor to see & know right off the top, that's what the title should be.

How do you use titles? Have you seen any unique titles you wish you had thought of? Add your comments below.

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