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Monday, February 08, 2010

Same Meaning, Different Words

Sononyms: One word representing the same meaning as another.
Google: Top search engine on the internet.
Add the two and you get yet another change to the way Google presents sononym results.

Dealing with sononyms is important because, as you have undoubtly found, the search for pictures also needs to pull up results for photos. But you don't want a case, meaning box or container, to pull up results related to an occurance, a court decision etc.

According the the post in Google's Blog, they have improved the way that they deal with word similarities. For example, if you search for GM, Google has changed their algorithms to find multiple possible meanings for that term (General Motors, General Manager etc.)

You'll also notice a difference in the way results with sononyms are displayed for easy scanning. Google has bolded the terms and related sononyms.

So what will this mean to the way you develop web content? If you done a bit of keyword research and written content using the terms your customers use then you won't have to do a thing. Just in case however, here are some reminders:

  • Don't use technical terms or industry jargon unless keyword research shows those to be highly searched.

  • Let every page of your website speak for itself. If each page can stand alone and get the message across then you'll have a better chance of higher rankings.
Everyone has their own way of using search terms. If you use natural language and a variety of sononyms in your content your pages will be naturally optimized.

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