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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Content vs Search Advertising

It's no doubt that a carefully planned pay per click campaign can produce great exposure, click-thrus and leads. Still many people who use pay per click advertising don't fully understand the difference between content advertising and search advertising when it comes to ad placement.

Content ads are displayed, as the name implies, within the content of a web page. So, as opposed to seeing the ads on the right side of Google for example, the content ads will be seen together with articles, videos and other types of content on the web. You have probably seen these types of ads when you visit sites like "" or in news websites, or even blogs.

So to get the most out of your advertising it pays to make a separate campaign for ads that will be displayed within content and ads that will only display in the search engines.

Remember that in a search engine, your ads are poised to attract the attention of people who are already looking for your product or service. But content ads are displayed to people who were merely reading an article or doing research, they may not necessarily be in the market for your products or services. Content ads need to emphasis low cost, value, savings etc. preferably in the headline. And be sure that the page that the visitor will be directed to upon clicking the link has the same information.

By taking the extra time to write 2 separate ads for 2 different markets you'll gain better exposure and higher quality click thru rates.

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PS - Remember that you can also place ads on Facebook to highly targeted audience groups but treat these like content ads.

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