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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Magic Formula

The Magic Formula for Online Marketing
What is the magic formula for successful online marketing? That's what everyone wants to know. It's a constant quest for the true "best practice" that guarantees more business online.

Today I got a great comment from one of my long time clients,
Get A Move On (I must confess, I love to hear about the great returns my clients are experiencing).
"We are getting lots of contact requests off of our website. Thank you. We book 80% of them vs 10% of our other internet leads"
So what was his "magic formula?" Well it was paying close attention to the keywords people were using to find his site and the top keywords in his business (moving and storage). He already has high rankings for certain terms, uses google local and started using PPC last year. His pay-per-click campaign is geographically targeted using the same keywords that give him results in the search engines and as identified with

Also an important part of his online marketing campaign is the development of ppc ads that grab attention and a corresponding landing page constructed to convert the incoming traffic to paying customers.

Will this work for your business online? Yes because the basic concepts of solid keyword research is an integral part of every successful campaign. Also important is the implementation of a planned course of action that every visitor should take. Taking advantage of local and geographically targeted campaigns will further qualify your audience. But these are just a few of the elements that go into a successful online marketing program.

Another key factor is the ability of the business owner (or website developer) to work in concert with the internet marketing professional. By having a committed team working with the marketing of the website the necessary tasks can be completed quickly bringing even faster results.

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