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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Advise to a Multi-Level Marketer

Here's a request for advise I received on a multi-level marketing website from Barbara T. Since I get many inquiries in this field I thought that sharing this information may help other MLM entrepreneurs.

If you are serious about making money with the program you'll need to have your own website (which you do) and you'll need to read carefully the rules the company has put out about having your own site. Many times they will have to review the site for approval (to make sure you haven't misrepresented anything).Once you know what is allowed then you can go to work to make your site successful.

Two things you should know right off the top: 1) Having a website does not automatically guarantee you'll get traffic or make sales (leads) and 2) it will cost you in terms of time and / or money to have a successful website.

The person who told you about putting keywords in the title was right but the title you have is wrong. The title of the page is in the source code along with the description and keyword tags. Write these without hype, be genuinely descriptive and don't include keywords that do not appear in text on the page.

The headline is what you have on the page as a "title." The headline is not for selling. No one is going to come to your site and immediately buy. First they are going to review (scan) the information on the site. The headline should be a compelling statement that will encourage the visitor to go further. Example: "The #1 new year's resolution often fails." Then you could follow it in a slightly smalller text "But you can keep your resolution to lose weight - our product will help"

You also need to have the distributor link and information.

Since it could take a year or more for your site to get good traffic naturally from the search engines, you'll probably need to use pay per click advertising and have a solid landing page to capture leads.

The info above will get you started. . . You'll need a contact form that will generate leads for you as well.

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