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Monday, December 08, 2008

Manners Anyone?

It's not uncommon for website managers to inadvertently shun visitors with, what may look like, a fairly benign website.

For example, do you use forms that ask a multitude of possibly invasive questions? Keep to the basics and you'll find better conversions. And, if what you have to offer is appealing, they will most likely give you more information at a later point in the process.

Are you using ALL CAPS when trying to communicate your message? Keep in mind that writing in caps is the equivalent of yelling and should be done sparingly. Along these same lines, use visitor friendly phrases, avoid telling people what they "must do," instead offer options.

What about your sign up or check out process? Have you taken the forethought to explain why the information is needed and to have a solid privacy policy easily accessible to your visitors?

Although the web can be cold and impersonal, using kind and helpful words will go a long way.
The best way to determine if your site has a friendly approach to visitors, ask people outside your organization to take a look and give feedback. You may be surprised at what you can learn.

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