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Sunday, September 14, 2008


People who research online before making a decision are often overwhelmed with the quantity of information and choices available. The habits of search engine users has found that 90% of searchers don't even go past the third page of results.

If you are like most people, you start with your favorite search engine, visit one or two sites that look like they may have what you are looking for, focus on a couple of sources of information, learn a bit about the product or service you are researching then make a decision. But what if there is a better site that you haven't seen? A better option that you weren't aware of?

Chances are you stop searching when you find a solution that will work, but not necessarily the best answer. This is called "satisfycing" and when you are tired of looking through the endless choices of products and solutions you'll choose one that is just acceptable.

Most people who visit your website will not want to invest time or effort to search through it for the possible answer if they don't have a strong sense that you have what they are looking for. They'll most likely leave and go with the most acceptable solution up to that point.

Make sure your site isn't ignored . . . be sure your page descriptions are accurate and the site meets expecatations. Web analytics can give you a clue as to whether or not your site is living up to expectations via the bounce rate on each page and, of course, visitor conversions are a very important indicator.

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  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    how does a beginner use this information to build a profitable web site??


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