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Saturday, September 13, 2008

On the Home Front

Every once in awhile I share a bit about my personal life...

I hope that people in the baja and gulf areas have come through the hurricanes largely unscathed. Being in an area that suffers the threat of tornadoes on a regular basis (and a short drive from Greensburg - the town that was wiped off the map) I can certainly understand the problems this magnitude of storms can cause.

Another reason I chose to write on this topic is that, being in the middle of the US, we usually get the end of the storms, the rainbands that are in the process of disappaiting. Normally it's no big deal. This time Lowell really caused a lot of flooding and with Ike coming in we're likely to get more.

The photo is just up the street from my home / office and in front of my daughter's school. It was a "real treat" having to carry her across the flood waters. Many streets / areas of the city were closed along with schools and activities canceled. I'm not complaining, by far we are not getting damage along the lines that the land fall areas received... merely giving a small look into the continuing effects of hurricanes as they travel upward and a small glance at my world.

Stay safe!!

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