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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good content puhleeese!

What does it take to get good content?
Okay by now you've heard it all. Content is king, content marketing is the way to high search rankings . . . content, content, content.  But what really makes good content?

With the rise of social media I spend a lot of time looking at and developing content.  It's a balance between providing content for clients on their websites (because you want to bring visits to the website itself) and finding content to post about (because you want to be a resource for other good sources of content).  What I find on a regular basis is bad because:

  1. It's a copy of what everyone else is saying - argh! If I only had something new and different!
  2. It has no photos - which are essential when using Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest social channels.
  3. The site itself is ancient, circa 1995.  This includes hideous backgrounds with text that is hard to read.
  4. The content is rife with grammatical errors, spelling errors and just general bad internet form.
What I would like to find is, obviously, quite the opposite.  This is what I strive for when providing customized content for my clients:
  1. Good, solid writing style. Must read well grammatically, no misspellings, and be easily scan-able with bullets,bold fonts and block quotes.
  2. Images that compliment the content.  This is important because, as stated above, certain social channels post a photo with the article blurb.  Since 90% of our perception begins with vision, having an appropriate image is important to good content.
  3. Page design that is conducive to reading.  No gray on gray or red on blue.  I want the page to give the reader's eyes a break.  
  4. Original thoughts, ideas and titles.  Sure the topic may not be new but find a new way to present it with a title that surprises and invites the reader. 
Is this all too much to ask? I don't think so but after spending hours a day providing quality content for my social clients I find it's more rare than it should be to find such gems.  

Need help with your content? Contact us! We're happy to help.

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