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Thursday, December 13, 2012

As hated as a visit to the dentist . . .

Blogging doesn't have to be like pulling teeth!
Some people think of blogging the same way they think of going to the dentist - not pleasant and to be avoided at all costs.  But this year I've had more clients start blogging (and I'm ghostwriting more blogs) this year than any year in the past. Why? Because more people are seeing the benefits of blogging like how blogs get the attention of search engines because of the fresh content and the way a blog gives you a platform to showcase expertise.

If you are still struggling with blogging here's a few things I've learned that will keep things on track.

  1. Give yourself a blogging due date and stick to it.  Like an appointment on the calendar make sure you have your "homework" done by that day each week.  When I've set a due dates for the client's I'm coaching we get it done 9 times out of 10.
  2. Keep a notepad handy so when something you read or talk about sparks an idea for a blog post you can jot it down and come back to it later.  If you're really hurting for ideas try using the Content Idea Generator.
  3. Watch your blog traffic - really! Because when you see how many people read a particular blog post it encourages you to write again!
  4. Get a blogging buddy - that's right a buddy who will keep you on track, proof read, give you a second opinion and maybe even brainstorm ideas with you.
Remember - a blog post is first person, can include your thoughts and opinions and should always quote the source or link back to the source when you're referencing the writings of others. 

Blogging shouldn't be a painful exercise, it can be a fun, easy way to showcase your company. If you haven't started - today looks like a good day to do so right? How about now?

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