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Monday, August 06, 2012

What should I write about today?

If you're a blogger or if you've been told that you need to be blogging for your company you have probably encountered the question of what to write about.  So this is a blog for people who should be blogging or anyone who needs to develop content for websites, social media and etc.

First - don't think so hard! It's not about coming up with some mind blowing idea.  Most of the time when you write about the first thing that comes to mind you'll do fine.   Unfortunately, the thought of "what to write about" often causes immediate writer's block.  I know, it happens here all the time.

When you need to come up with items for social media think small, quick, easy to grasp:

  • Quote of the day
  • Unique "national day of" (find them on the Hallmark website)
  • Tips on using (or related to) your product / service
  • Link to specific pages of your website
  • Links to articles related to what you offer
  • Links to your other social media outreach sites: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc.
  • What's new in the company: products, services, people, projects etc.

Now that won't help you when it comes to writing longer posts so I came across a cool little tool to help you get "unstuck."  It's clever really.  Go to this website and download the Google spreadsheet.  Be sure you log into your own Google account and "save a copy." Now in the top left cell type in whatever subject you want to explore and the spreadsheet does the rest.  You'll get immediate links to all sorts of articles, information related to the topic which can help you get a start on your next blog post.  Still need help? Contact us!

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