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Monday, July 18, 2011

Like, Follow, Share!

Social media is social. I know this is a pretty obvious statement and you know how important being social is, after all, that’s why you have social media. (If you haven’t started using social media, skip to the bottom to find out how to start.)
It's your goal to grow your business through your website and social media. You do this by posting specials, promotions and news about your business to your social media accounts. Even though you are good about posting, you may not be seeing much growth in people following (Twitter) and liking (Facebook) your business.
Part of my job is to provide pointed updates for our clients various accounts. In doing this, I’ve noticed that was spending time creating daily updates for social media accounts with only a hand full of followers. I thought to myself, I think we can grow these numbers and the quickest way is to invite the client’s employees, friends and family to follow/like their businesses, so I created the Like, Follow, Share campaign.
Like, Follow, Share includes several tips and elements to use to reach more people in your personal social circle, to help get the word out about your business. Below is the first phase of Like, Follow, Share.
Phase 1:
Your friends and family may have contacts that you don’t know about that are in need of your service or product. Plus, you can brag about the great things your business is doing without actually bragging!
Getting your employees involved in your social media is great for getting them excited about new things happening and makes it easy for them to share with their friends and family.
A few ways to grow your social network through your employees are to add links to your various social media in employee newsletters, a slip of paper in paychecks and post a sign in employee break areas.
Letting friends and family know is even easier, because you are probably already connected to them on Facebook or Twitter so all you have to do is to click the “Share” on your business’s Facebook page. To share your Twitter, just post the Twitter link below on your Facebook or mention (@yourbusinesstwitter) in a tweet on Twitter.
Watch for Phase 2, covering getting existing customers to follow/like your business, coming soon.
If you haven’t started using social media yet or aren’t sure where to begin, we would love to provide this service for you! If you prefer to do it yourself, I recommend getting copies of Twitter for Dummies and Facebook for Dummies. And be sure to follow us on FaceBook to see what we're up to: Internet Marketing Ideas
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