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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clean out the cobwebs!

It's that time of the year! The front door is wide open, the area rug is hung up on the front porch to get beaten clean and all of the furniture is out of place while you vacuum and sweep.

The imagery is a little bit different here, but the idea is the same. After a long year (or years) of servitude, your old and deprecated website is on the tail end of it's lifespan. We hadn't noticed it until recently but that does seem to be the mentality of a lot of our clients. We had a surge of clients wanting redesign work at the new year, for obvious reasons, but now that Spring is finally getting a foothold and battling Winter back we find a lot of clients are looking to shed their old cumbersome website for a lighter and more effective alternative.

An example of one such client can be found below. Our friends over at ATM Sales & Services came in the other day looking to get more out of the website. He had mentioned that he felt he just wasn't getting the kind of numbers he wanted to be getting and that his website just didn't meet today's standards.

ATM SalesBody & Soul Massage

Teajai quickly jumped on the opportunity to redevelop his website, and really went above and beyond. She made it her mission to keep the same theme for the site while still conveying their message more effectively and creatively. Our clients absolutely love the work that we've put out for them, and I'm really proud of our product, too!

After spending a week on site at the Extreme Home Makeover one of our clients, Body & Soul Massage, decided that they needed to take advantage of the situation and get a revamp for their website. We felt compelled to provide something truly unique and creative but kept true to their brand.

Check these out. Top is before, bottom is after.. I hope you can tell that though:

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