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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Google Alphabet

Google Alphabet
I received an email this morning with an interesting link to the Wall Street Journal blog* featuring a little research by Journalism Professor Jeff Jarvis: The Google Alphabet. In short it's the top 4 entries for each letter of the alphabet that are offered if you use Google Instant. If you haven't yet heard about it, Google Instant fills in the blank when you are typing and automatically (without hitting an enter key - before you finish typing) displays the results as you type. So if you input the letter A, you would get (in the results) AOL, Amazon etc.

You can read the entire post if you would like. I've reprinted just the alphabet portion here:
A: AOL, Amazon, AIM, Apple
B: Bank of America, Best Buy, Bing, Bed Bath and Beyond
C: Craigslist, Chase, CNN, Costco
D: Dictionary, Droid X, Dell, Drake
E: EBay, ESPN, Expedia, Eminem
F: Facebook, Facebook login, FIFA, Fandango
G: Gmail, Google Maps,, Glee
H: Hotmail, Hulu, Home Depot, Hopstop
I: Ikea, IPhone, IMDB, Inception
J: Jet Blue, Jetblue, JFK, Jersey Shore
K: Kmart, Kayak, Kohls, Katy Perry
L: LIRR, Lowes, Lost, LinkedIn
M: MapQuest, MySpace, MSN, MTA
N: Netflix, NJ Transit, New York Times, Nordstrom
O: Orbitz, ooVoo, Old Navy,
P: Pandora, PayPal, PetCo, People
Q: Quotes, QVC, Queens College, Quest Diagnostics
R: Realtor, Rite Aid, Run, Radio Shack
S: Staples, Sears, Skype, Sprint
T: Target, Twitter, TD Bank, Ticketmaster
U: UPS, USPS, UTube, Univision
V: Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Victoria Secret, VLC
W: Weather, Walmart, White Pages, Wikipedia
X: XBox, XM Radio, XE, XKCD
Y: Yahoo, YouTube, Yahoo Mail, Yelp
Z: Z100, Zappos, Zillow, ZIP Codes
And as a bonus, the numbers:
0: 007, 0, 02, 0-60 times, 06880
1: 105.1, 1010 Wins, 103.5, 101.5
2: 2010 Calendar, 24, 2012, 25 to Life Lyrics
3: 311, 30 Rock, 3Ds, 3M
4: 4chan, 411, 4th of July, 4shared
5: 50 Cent, 50 Cent Weight Loss, 500 Days of Summer, 5 Guys
6: 60 Minutes, 6pm, 6th Ave, 6 Flags
7: 7zip, 7online, 7chan, 7 eleven
8: 8 mile, 80’s music, 800 flowers, 808 drum
9: 92.3, 97.1, 90210, 92nd Street Y

*original blog post by Jennifer Valentino-Devries.

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