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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No One Really Cares

Sad but true, no one really cares how great your company is, how awesome the people are in your service department, the cool tagline. No one really cares about the fluffy text, fancy flash or any of the multitude of things that people tend to put on their websites.

But there is a good side to this rather negative post: When you keep the "no one really cares" in mind, you'll be more likely to write better opening statements, more creative responses to the objections you most frequently encounter, more engaging email messages - the overall reasons people should do business with your company.

The idea is to approach sales and marketing from a less egocentric angle. Be as hard on yourself as your customers are on you. Forget the fluff, the hype, just get to the point and make it a good point. Time and space are always precious commodities in advertising so using these resources wisely will help visitors to your website see the value of your product or service much faster.

Getting and keeping the attention of your site visitors shouldn't be taken for granted, it's a privileged that is afforded only to those websites that do a great job of responding to "no one really cares."

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