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Friday, January 11, 2008

What's in a name?

The answer: Plenty when it comes to search engine marketing!

Everything from images to links to page headlines need to have a well worded name because each of these elements can help boost your page rank.

Images - when saving an image, be sure to give the image a name that is keyword rich and search engine worthy. Don't be afraid to use dashes to better name your image.

Links - you can give your link a name not associated with the text on the link. If you are linking to a call to action like "click here" it's worth the time to name the link within the page code with information directly related to the link.

Headlines - the first words on every page should be rich with keywords that are contained within the page. Sometimes this takes a bit of creativity but, when done correctly, it will help boost your position for the page.

Page Tite: Not always seen by humans, it's hidden in the "blue bar" at the very top of your browser window, this is very important when it comes to identifying what the page is about. It's the first thing a search engine sees so make it count.

If you haven't checked out these elements, it might be worth it to evaluate your page for the various titles and names. This little exersize can go a long way in improving search results.

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